Ice Cream Terrors

I’m pretty sure that Pedobear has taken over the ice cream companies. While shopping today I stumbled across this box of treasure:

“Hey kids, I have some fudge bars in my van if you want some…”

I wonder how they interview people for the opportunity to be on ice cream boxes. What would the job description say?

“Must have a face that would make 7 year old children trust you. Clean shaven or pencil mustaches only. Registered sex offenders welcome! Field experience preferred.”

Blue Bell also have those radio ads with that pleasant country song singing about the happy colorful joy of Blue Bell ice cream. Before, there was a running gag with my peers about these commercials. We would call it “Redneck Ice Cream” and say it was made from breast milk. Now, it’s “Pedo Ice Cream” and it’s made from……well, you get the idea. Point is, I’m never eating this stuff ever again. You shouldn’t either.